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Things are going to be a little different...

Below is a list of changes we at Wilder & Co. are making due to COVID-19 as well as what changes YOU will make at your next appointment.

Key Salon Prevention Practices:

• Physical distancing to the maximum extent possible while doing services.

• Face coverings worn by stylists at all times.

• Frequent hand washing & regular cleaning of salon & disinfecting of all equipment. 

• Training stylists on these and other elements of COVID-19 prevention plan.

• Stylists stations 6 ft apart to leave space between you and your neighbor. 

• Prior and in between all appointments, all equipment in salon will be cleaned & sanitized using EPA registered disinfectant that demonstrates bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity and is approved for COVID-19

• All stylists will be taking temperatures before work-day & STAYING HOME if they feel ANY symptoms.

• We are required to cover clients face with towel during shampoo service.

• A clean drape & towel will be used on every client.

• Use of air purification system. 

At your appointment:

• All clients are required to check their temperature prior to arrival. 

• Please come alone. No children, family or friends will be allowed in the salon with clients at this time. 

• Please stay in your car, we are not allowing anyone in our waiting area. Please text me at 425-248-1724 and let me know when you have arrived. I will let you know when I am ready for you to enter the salon.

• Upon arrival all clients will be asked to wash their hands in the restroom. 

• All clients must wear a mask for the duration of their service. ( masks must have ear loops, masks that tie around the back of your head will not work.) Please note: If you do not bring a mask we will have Wilder & Co. masks available for purchase of $10. If you refuse to wear a mask you will be asked to leave immediately. 

• We will not be offering refreshments in reusable mugs/cups for the time being so please bring your own.

• Please limit the amount of personal items you bring with you into the salon. (No food please) Handbags, wallets and phones allowed. 

Feel sick? STAY HOME! Please notify me as soon as possible so we can reschedule you & I am able to accommodate another appointment. 

Have questions? PLEASE ASK! Your safety is my highest priority at Wilder & Co. Salon. Please let me know if you have any concerns, I am always here for you guys!

Feel safer at home! THAT'S OKAY! Please do not feel obligated to rush into the salon for your hair appointment. I am looking forward to seeing and hugging you (in the future) however if you are not comfortable yet that is no problem,  I will be here when you're ready!

COVID-19 Protocol: Welcome
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